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Should I buy brand new or remanufactured CV axles?


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Hey Scotty and everyone,

I'm going to a mechanic to replace my axle shaft assembly since the boot on the inner shaft is torn. I was thinking I can repair the boot myself or install the assembly but if I buy the part he'll install it for $80. He has a lift and the tools so, I saw remanufactured one on Ebay from Cardone model 60-5311, does anyone know if it's good? Here is a link:

I appreciate anyone's expertise on this because I'm wondering if I should still repair on install it myself. I might need to buy more tools.


Stay safe everyone,


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Cardone used to be good years ago but these days their quality is in the toilet. Better to get a new complete shaft.

Do you know of any good brands besides Lexus?

I would check the usual suspects (NAPA, Autozone, etc.) for a new axle with lifetime warranty.

I checked, it's limited lifetime warranty and a great price at $89.70 with discount from Advanced Auto but are you sure those places are good? I seen a video where Scotty said to stay away from stores like that or really Autozone for parts or tools.


That's a reman. Your best bet on a CV axle is to use a new part.


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Good afternoon everyone,

I found out some Napa cv axles are made by Cardone but the post was in 2017 so I'm not sure. I did a google search on "cARQUEST PREMIUM vs napa cv axles". Under the "People Ask" area...

"Who makes Napa premium axles?

I called the local NAPA store, they looked in their system and confirmed that the NAPA part #NMD944013 is made by Cardone, and it is Cardone part #66-5134. The NAPA store would not price-match online pricing. No other local auto parts stores carry that axle. The NAPA price is $99.Oct 6, 2017
CV Axles - NAPA MaxDrive and A1 Cardone".

Unfortunately even NAPA is not what it was in years past. However that is a new, not a rebuilt axle. (I was not even aware that Cardone was making - or importing - new parts now. It's their rebuilt parts that have been poor quality in recent years.) Being brand new it might be OK, but really if you want the best quality it's going to be OEM.


For what it's worth Amazon lists the new Cardone part at about $70.

Yeah, it's surprising sometimes who owns who or who's working with who at times. I was thinking of getting one from a junkyard or on Ebay from a reputable seller but I was warned about that. I will check out the one on Ebay. If found this as well..