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Did I get a good deal out of my 2006 Dodge Charger?


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Hey Scotty, I just recently bought a 2006 Dodge Charger R/T with only 36,000 miles on it for 13,000 dollars. She drives like a dream so far and I was wondering how such a beast of a vehicle was for so cheap. How long do you think the car will last me and how expensive can the maintenance get.

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did you get a good deal? No, you overpaid 


Did you have it checked out by a mechanic before buying it?  To answer your questions, not very long and very expensive.


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That's fairly low miles, but a lot of age.  The older cars get, the less you can give them a general "value".  I mean, you could look it up on KBB or NADA and get some arbitrary $XX value (I would guess will be <$13k).  But the true value will be much more dependent on things like maintenance.  [A 2-year-old civic is = to another 2-year-old civic, regardless of maintenance.  But not so with a 16-year-old Dodge.]  

It also depends on the engine.  I'm not a Charger expert, but seems like the R/T comes with the Hemi V8... is that right, or does it have the V6?  The V8 will definitely have more value than the 6, though is more likely to have been abused.

I would say that if the condition is absolutely excellent, and if it has the Hemi and has been well-maintained, then maybe you got an OK deal.  If it's got the 6 or if it has any deferred maintenance, then I'd be inclined to agree with @doc and @toyotagrl.

Regardless, you own it now so you might as well make the best of it.  If you didn't get a pre-purchase inspection, get it looked at by a reputable mechanic ASAP and take care of any deferred maintenance items.  Change all the fluids now and frequently hereafter, and drive conservatively.  You might get $13 grand worth of use out of it.

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Seems like thats about what people are asking for with those and that millage. Dodge definitely doesnt have a great reputation, but if a mechanic inspected it and its clean what the heck, they can be fun. If you keep up with maintenance and dont drive like a manic it'll be alright for some time. I'm not sure if thats one of those hemis that gets the lifter tick around 100k, and if it is do oil changes every 5k or less. Dont push the engine & transmission.