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Fuel Trim 2002 Ford Ranger


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I have a 2002 Ford Ranger, 3.0, manual transmission with 295000 miles. The long term fuel trim on bank 2 seems unusually high. Suggestions/advice please. I have a blue driver live data log for review, but how do I provide/send it.?

See the Read this first topic near the top of the page for information on posting images.

Apologies Chuck, but I do not see or have found a "read this first" Obviously I'm looking in the right place.

As I said, it's a topic pinned near the top of the page. Here's a direct link:

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Get a new fuel filter and clean the injectors.  20 years old.

Thank you. Fuel filter is not the original but has not been changed recently. And, have just run pour in fuel injector (techron) with no apparent change.


To be properly cleaned, they need to be removed and pressure cleaned or replaced with new.