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Does this Toyota have a transmission issue or something else?


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Hello there, I am new to this community but looking forward to help others and get a question answered from experienced mechanics. I test drove a 2012 Toyota Rav4 today with 98K miles on it. After close and serious inspection everything looks good on the car besides this issue. When you reverse with speed the car makes a quick jerking noise. That was only ocassionaly or hard reverse and reverse exclusively. It had no problem shifting gears on any speed (lower or higher) or after braking, only reverse.  Would that indicate a transmission problem or something minor ? (4 speed automatic). I have an appointment to have the car checked by a mechanic tomorrow morning but I was looking for some further information. Thank you all in advance!


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Are you letting the transmission fully shift into reverse before you move?  Because if you press the gas before it has a chance to complete the shift, it will make a terrible jolting sound. If that's the case, just come to a complete stop and wait until the tranny has finished shifting.


Now, assuming it is fully in reverse and you are not moving, does it make the jerking sound right when you press the gas, or while you are moving?  If it occurs right when you press the gas, a U-joint in one of the CV axles could be going out. You are having a mechanic check it out soon. He should be able to give you the best answer.