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Electrical motor humming, Passenger side


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I have a 2006 civic ex coupe. 1.8L engine automatic transmission. 264K miles. I change its oil every 5K miles. Transmission fluid was changed at around 255K miles.

When I step on the gas I hear a high pitched whining noise like an electric RC car kind of. It comes from the passenger side. It has since moved to creating static in my speaker on that side as well. What could this be? It only happens when I step on the gas to speed up. If i keep a speed I do not hear it. Only if I speed up. I also think I have a grounding issue with my after market stereo where I get interference as soon as I take my E brake off. I got it installed by best buy auto, but I am pretty sure they wired an amplified signal to the normal signal (shouldn't be amplified) I think feeding the amplified signal to the amplifier on the car is what causes that stereo interference. However, could these two issues be related?

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Well generally that's the alternator starting to go out

Posted by: @looeess

I purchased an alternator/battery tester

it might read ok on the tester. The noise is likely a mechanical problem like failing bearings.

Oohh i understand, thank you for the heads up. I am gonna look for local parts seller.

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I purchased an alternator/battery tester as well to check and I am sure it will confirm this. Thanks Scotty!