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Engine oil dipstick level vs recommended sump volume which one to trust?


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Hello Scotty, 

During recent service dealership, the recommended engine oil 3.6 ltr (using their jar) 0w20 was filled. After filling the oil still shows 2 cm lower than Max level. I filled about 1/2 ltr oil up to the max level. 

Was I correct adding oil? I later read that excess oil may do more damage than good. Should I follow recommended volume (3.6 L) or engine oil dipstick? Help please. 

Vehicle: Honda City VX MT Petrol 2018 (L15Z1 engine) 13000 km. Engine did not burn noticeable oil over time.

Love from India. 


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I also find that recommended capacities are unreliable. I always follow the dipstick.


I’m not saying this to be rude, Were you on level ground when you checked it? 

I was exactly thinking the same. I checked while the car was parked basement parking lot. Will check the floor with a spirit level to be sure. Thanks.

@pm84 that is the only thing I can think of. I don’t know if you’re the first owner but I’ve seen where someone replaced a dipstick with one to short and the new owner didn’t know and paid the price.

I am the first owner. No damage in the dipstick.
The car level is flat as measured with spirit level. Engine oil shows at the max level of the oil dipstick (measured with cold engine in the morning). Just want to ensure it is safe at this condition. Any advice?