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Fiesta vs. Yaris


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I am looking to get a used car. I have not seen/inspected them yet, but was wondering if one of these i should stay away from or could potentially be a good deal with obvious mechanical issues aside. I am think of a 2012 Fiesta manuel with 153000 km or a 2007 yaris sedan manuel with 195000 km.  Both are around 2500$ cdn. 

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I just saw the price, 2500CAD which is around $1900USD which is nothing honestly if the Fiesta is in good shape it might also be a decent purchase but compared to the Yaris it won't last as long.
The Toyota Yaris back then was made by Toyota... The thing that bugs me about them are how unsafe they are but neither is a Fiesta so when it comes to reliability those Yarises were excellent I see them with over 200k miles (320k km) on the used car market. This one has 120k miles which means you have estimated around at least half of its life left for a good price. I think its a good purchase assuming you have a mechanic check it out.


Definitely go Yaris on that one. The Fiesta has had poor reliability scores.

Ok great, thank you!


Between those two, definitely go with the Toyota Yaris.  Be sure to have an independent, honest mechanic check it out before you buy.


The Yaris for sure.  The Fiesta has reliability issues.  A Toyota is a Toyota after all.


Yaris. I saw a yaris at a dealership with 370k miles. 


Yaris for sure. Back in 07 it was an actual Toyota. 


Yaris 100%. Imho, that’s probably the best generation Yaris to get. 


I would go with the Yaris for sure on that one. The Yaris is made by Mazda but it is far better than the Fiesta.

Actually no, back in 2007 it was made by Toyota.

Thank you