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2008 Dodge Dakota tire pressure light issue


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I just recently got new tires put on my truck. My tpms light has always been on so I figured it was one of the sensors in my old tires that was bad cause I check my air pressure myself. After they checked them out they were all fine and the light is still on after installation of the new tires. Could it be the sensor in the spare tire? 

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It very well could be the spare tire sensor or they just didn't check the sensors correctly. 


It’s probably not that.  If you are very curious, you would have to hook up a fancier scan tool that can scan the BCM module and see what it is “seeing” with respect to the tire pressures at all 4 wheels.  On my truck, I have the TPMS light always on and confirmed all 4 of my sensors work, that they are programmed correctly to communicate with the BCM, that the BCM TPMS system recognizes them (with correct IDs and tire pressures - confirmed against my analog tire gauge measurements).  Looking at the factory service manual, it mentioned if the pressures are off by +/- 0.5 psi with respect to each other it can set off the TPMS light - so that’s what it was in my case.  On my truck it doesn’t display the individual tire sensor readings on the user display in front of me (I have to use my fancy scan tool for that) - so I just live with it.  At least my BCM module is OK and no other electrical issues.