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Volvo XC70 no reverse


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Hi my significant other purchased a 2001 Volvo XC70 - AWD - 5 cylinder, it started when he purchased but barely ran, he had the transmission fluid flushed, needed under body work control arms repaired. It ran fairly well went on a 3 hour trip round trip no problems.

Was told I needed a throttle body and according to codes the car needs 3 or 4 cylinoids. This was prior to me getting the car to run.

A few days ago the transmission would not reverse but finally did. The car is parked not driving until repaired.

Do you have any recommendations the one repair service wants to charge $1600 for the throttle body (if needed). Was told if the car was running it did not need a throttle body.

I would appreciate any recommendations.

Thank you for your time.

P. Vince 


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Are you sure the mechanic didn't say valve body?

If he's talking about transmission solenoids you may have mistaken him having said throttle body when he was referring to the transmission valve body to which the solenoids are attached.