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Hey Scotty and everyone! 

My cousin is looking for a first car and he had narrowed down some cars based on the look and "coolness" factor. I gave him my two cents and told him to look for a Honda or Toyota but I wanted to hear all of your suggestions and recommendations and maybe personal experiences. Here is the list...

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Listing 1 - 2016 Altima

4 cylinder FWD CVT? It gets good mpg but not cool at all. Ok, so when it comes to reliability, the weakest part of these vehicles are the transmission, which tends to go out around 100k miles. Odds are he will be hard on it so I wouldn't expect it to last more than a couple years. To fix it costs basically %50-70 of the listing price.

Listing 2 - Hunk of scrap metal

Don't make me laugh, these are horrible cars. The 2.4 engine is probably the worst Hyundai ever made forget it.

Listing 3 - Hunk of scrap metal

Tell your cousing not to look at these 1. they are overvalued 2. they are literal junk and fail to get you from A to B when the engine blows up

@mod_man is a very experienced member and can tell all about the reliability of the hunk of scrap metal

Listing 4 - 2010 Hyundai Tucson

Please, please don't look at Hyundais. 100k miles is good lifespan for these this is on borrowed time. Type "Hyundai" into the search bar and you will see what I mean. 

Listing 5 - 2010 Hyundai Tucson

-----------------------------I can't recommend any of them. None of them are cool and they are all overpriced for the money get a Toyota and check out the Used Car Buying Guide

Here is what owners report about their Nissan Altimas

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Here is what owners report about their hunks of scrap metal


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For what he is looking for he might as well consider a 2015+ Mazda 3 especially with a manual transmission (the automatics are fine though) much better made than the Hyundais and Nissans he chose since none of them are really cool eh for the money 2014-2016 Toyota Corolla would be a good option. Make sure he himself reads these responses to change his mind we are all here to help...
Good luck

Thank you so much, I appreciate the great information!


The fact that they are Nissan/Hyundai and going off the fact they are not too far off from 100,000 miles (some exceed it!) I can’t recommend any of them.


What's the basis of the "coolness" factor?  I must be getting old, because I never thought of any Hyundai as a cool car.

I can see cool with many Nissan's.  But not with Hyundai.

1.I'm not old, at least I don't consider myself such 2 I looked at those cars 3. My parents own one
and they aren't cool for me... Looks, maybe
KBB thinks so lol


Please watch this video!

I love the Jaws/horror film music they play over it. CBC is such shameful trash.


Last time I checked, Hyundai's aren't cool.  A Civic is way cooler than those cars.  Try harder to convince them into getting Honda or Toyota.

Thanks so much, I 100% agree!!


The car i want to get is a really cool one. It is the 2011 toyota rav4 v6. This was the coolest rav4 toyota ever made and the looks are very trendy, the car is extremely relaible with low maintnence, and the 6 cylinder engine packed with this cars light weight makes this car go 0-60 in 6.3 seconds. What cooler first car is there? BTW i am also a teen looking for my first car. 

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The RAV4 isn't as exciting as the Altima though. On the Altima, you get to have a thril wondering if it will start every day. Not with the RAV4. You drive it and drive it. If he wants excitement Altima is the way to go.

haha. It took me a second...


In all honesty your first car is most likely not going to be a awesome looking car I’d personally look for a Toyota celica not necessarily a very cool look personally, but a Mazda Miata for a good price if he’s looking for a great car nice sporty look to it, maybe even a Toyota Camry looks pretty nice though older look but nice or maybe a Lincoln town car looks decent luxurious and affordable too but it’s a boat of a car an bad on gas but very reliable, all of these cars are reliable though but everyone has there own taste in style 

Thanks so much for the Great information!

No problem their just suggestions but these are some decent looking but more importantly reliable cars he might wanna look at