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[Solved] Which first car for a 17yr old?


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Hey Scotty,

I am 17 years old and obviously I want car but I don’t really know which one to chose. I’ve been doing some research on Toyota’s and Honda’s and more specifically the 2011 Toyota Corolla and the 2012 Honda Civic.Both I have heard are great cars but what is your opinion on the best one?

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The Corolla can run forever, but the Civic isn't far off it. I would say go with whichever one speaks to you more. In other words, whichever one you like the styling of.


Also if you plan on modifying it, the Civic has a much better aftermarket for that.

Thanks for the feed back!



Corolla would last a bit longer

Corolla would have a more comfortable ride and less road noise

Corolla would have FAR more comfortable seats

Civics are usually known for their zippyness and handing but 2012 was different you don't get that

Civic is a newer generation and might look better


I personally would get the Corolla but the Civic is a worthy option.

@brandon-king101 gives an answer exactly the same as I would have said so for the Civic I'd also consider a 2010-2011 or 2013. Good luck! For the Corolla, 2011 was alright I mean its a bit boring might as well get an LE or S trim.


My 2 cents? Both are great first cars, the condition and options of the example you buy is probably more important than which one you pick. We are talking about 10 year old cars, which can easily been kept fastidiously maintained, or neglected and abused in those 10 years.


Get the Toyota Corolla for reliability or get the Honda Civic for best comfortable driving experience. You didn't say the mileage or the price. I'm assuming you're looking for a specific vehicle we answered.


For those, it comes down to which one you like better so you should road test both of them. The Corolla is just a little bit more reliable but the Civic is more zippy and fun to drive. The 2012 Civic did get a lot of negative criticism because of the way it looks, rides, and the cheap interior materials so maybe try bumping your search up by a year and check out the 2013 Civic, which is much better. 


Corolla; you just know their better than civics.....  

maybe try looking into camry's; they're way better than crappy corolla's. Toyota cheapened every single possible thing they could to the corolla (worse steering, brakes, power, more plastic...) and although an excellent car reliability wise, camry is just more powerful and luxurious. 

"crappy" is a strong word you got there buddy. Let me introduce you to the competitors
Ford Focus
Nissan Sentra
Volkswagen Jetta
Chevrolet Cruze
Fiat 500
Hyundai Elantra
Kia Forte

But I see that you're not a compact car fan...

I would say that the Honda Civic would be the best of all for the way they drive and other things.

I have a lot to say about the 2012 model year but I don't want to clogg up the comments and get the mod team mad.

Since I am also interested in cars and really like the Corolla/Civic I've done research on all the model years and to sum it up 2012 was a bit, lets say gutless. Reviewers said they were dissapointed and the ride was floaty and the steering feel is low and it just wasn't a Civic anymore, but rather, a low quality Corolla and I quote parts of that.