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[Solved] Why is my brand new RAV4’s tranny shuddering?


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Hi everyone I'm back. 30K miles on my 2021 rav4 and a cold morning the trany did some shudders while engaging the 2 and the 3 gear in low speed.  95 % of my driving is around the town but not in heavy traffic. I'll bring it to the dealer late december and my question is: should I ask for a trany flush, or better only fluid change, drive it for like two months and back for another trany fluid change ?? What do you guys recommend ?? Thanks in advance !

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Take it in and tell them what is happening. It should still be covered under warranty. Powertrain is 60K miles or 60 months TMK, depending on jurisdiction. 

Thank you !


Please see the transmission topic in the FAQ.

Also would appreciate if you could use specific titles, instead of one word like "oil", "plea", "flush" etc.