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Ford F-150 good buy? read below


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Hello, I have a few questions regarding an F150. 

  • First off, it is a 2011 Ford with 150K miles on the 5.0 coyote engine. From what I've heard, that is a very strong engine and less complicated than the EcoBoost V6 engines offered. Should I buy it, and what would be a good price on the vehicle.
  • Next, I am wondering If I should change all the fluids on the truck (transmission fluid, transfer case, front, and rear axle fluid, engine oil, coolant, brake fluid)
  • I was also wondering if there are any well-Known problems in particular with the transmission, engine, or really anything else I should be concerned about
  • How much money on average would I be saving If I did all of this myself, or in other words what would a mechanic charge to do complete fluid changes 


The asking price of the truck is $11,568. I feel that is WAY too much for a ford that has over 100K miles.

If anyone could help me out, I deeply appreciate it

Thank You


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That 5.0 should hold up fine if it was taken care of. The newer ones AVOID like the plague. Unless there’s documentation stating a fluid has been changed recently I’d change everything out. And to be honest I think even 8k is a little high. I’m more in the 7-7200 range. It’s got over 100k mi on the motor. You’ll be lucky to get to 250,00 with minimal issues. 


Yeah, that is a little much for the price.  It would save a lot of money to do the maintenance on your own. They have a few engine problems, but not as bad as other years. As long as you know how to change the fluids, or have someone to teach you, go right ahead and do them yourself.


I would see if you could get that truck for around 8k. You can most definitely save some money if you change the fluids by yourself and it would be good preventative maintenance just make sure the transmission fluid has been changed before in the truck. I am not a Ford guy but I will say that I have heard nothing but good things about that engine and that truck.


$11,600???? No way.


$8k at the absolute top end.


Way too expensive... $7-9k at max.