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Battery and Brake Light causing alternator Not to charge Battery for Toyota camry 1988 3sfe


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The Car was working perfectly but the only problem was when pressing the brake pedal. The light for bad bulb turn on my dash. This lead to suggest the sockets for the taillight where bad, so I went to a junkyard and got some fairly good ones and replace them. This causing my charging system to go bad again. 

 - Brake Bulbs are replace withe New ones

- I already changed the brake switch

- Battery Test good 

- Alternator is a autozone product but tested good.

- Right now the car has a weak fuel pump but that wouldn't cause a alternator to short and not charge the battery.


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you probably have short in the brake light circuit.



I have seen charging problems cause the brake light and battery lights to come on but I’ve never seen the other way around. Was the alternator hot when tested? I have had VERY bad luck with Autozone parts like alternators and it could be more of a hot concern when hot it becomes weak and charges poorly 

The brake and charge light comes on suddenly. I live in Dallas Tx, and I turn on the car during the cold weather condition. The car brake and charge light never came on. I considering getting a rebuild Denso alternator but i am still checking for any wire or something that is causing it while the car is running. The alternator is a O'Reilly alternator not a autozone.

I would definitely look into a reman denso it should be a lot better. It definitely sounds like an alternator issue

Side note with the other warnings coming on it is very common to have unrelated issues when you have a charging problem because other systems are seeing incorrect voltages and thinks there is a problem