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Is the 2010 Kia Sportage Lx a good car to buy


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The car has a 2L 4 cylinder engine. Is that an interference engine. Have you seen these lasting a long time, the guy is selling it 5,695. Is it worth it? And it is front wheel drive. Look for a cheap reliable SUV. I have seen a lot of problems with this car. 

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We are talking about this body style right?

This is my family's primary car, a 2009 Kia Sportage LX 2.0. It has been very reliable for 12 years and has a good amount of city miles on it. If you get it for a bit cheaper, I'd definitely recommend it under 150k miles... Don't go and buy one with too many miles though. This is the only time Hyundai/Kia would be a sensible option, the newer ones are scrap. It has a timing belt the only real money we put into the car was to replace the timing belt+water pump at 100k miles and right now its running good! Make sure to have a mechanic check it out.

Miles are important. If its over 120k miles I'd pass because its overpriced compared to how much you would get out of it.

Now if we are talking about this hunk of junk, run away:

Of course 5 grand is too much I'd say the real world value is around 3500 bucks.


Short term wouldn’t be bad. Hyundai/Kia cannot build motors correctly. The multiple class actions prove that. 


It has an interference engine. Those were not good cars. I would avoid it.