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ford fusion motor mount question


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I got a 2008 ford fusion SEL v6 with 161,504 miles on it with a 6-speed automatic. I bought the car from an auction for $742. it was slightly crashed in the driver's front fender and rim. the crash messed up the control arm, hub assembly, and driver's side motor mount. it doesn't start but was running when crashed. it needs $800 worth of work done to fix it completely. it has a clean and clear title and being sel trim it has all the bells and whistles, it would be worth around $5500 all fixed. should I fix it myself or part it out? I own two other ford fusions and never had problems with them.

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Heck, it doesn't even run. You have no idea how much money you'd have to put into that thing. I would part it out if I were you