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Got Stiffed For 7k On a Lemon Truck !


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Hello Scotty 


My Names Samuel And I Live In Boston Ma I’m Wondering If There’s Any Way I Can Contact You In Regards To a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD LT That I Bought Of a Private 3rd Party Seller ? I Was Promised That The car Will Pass Inspection But Instead I Ended Up Having To Pay 1000 Dollars To Fix It And With Everything I Am Dealing With In My Personal Life Right Now That Really Messed Me Up Financially I Paid 5500 For The Truck And Few Days After Had To Do That Major Repair I Have Receipts And Video Footage There’s Rust Like Never Before I’m 26 With a Two Year Old Daughter I Was Just Trying To Save Up And Get a Reliable Truck For Me To Work Some Side Jobs To Make Enough To Support My Family I Have Other bills That I’m Struggling To Keep Up With I Am An Hour Away From Rhode Island Hoping I Can Come Out There To Show You This Truck I Cannot Trust Other Mechanics At This Moment In Time ! Please Contact Me Back I’ll Take a Day Off Work To Make This Happen Thanks A lot - Bless !

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Since you bought private party, there isn't much you can do.

The onus is on the buyer.

This is why Scotty hammers it over and over in his videos ... have a vehicle inspected and scanned BEFORE buying.


Instructions for contacting Scotty are in the FAQ.