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How do I fix my Jeep AC


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I have a 95 Jeep Cherokee, the AC doesn't work so well.

The mechanic I use says that it is due to vacuum line behind them dash and would be expensive to fix because of labor cost to remove and reinstall the dash. 

He says that there are no leaks in the system. 

Is this so and is there another solution?

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When you run the AC (or heat - same system) where does the air come out, and in what volume? (normal/weak) Does the fan speed selector work normally?

You car has a vacuum line that operates one or more "blend doors" (plastic flap) that route the air to defrosters, vents, or car floor. If that's broken/stuck, yes, you have to take the dash apart to fix it and it costs a lot (there is SO much stuff in the way).

Here's a non-Scotty, but reliable mechanic's video on it

Here's one on a Jeep


At least on the 1997+ Jeeps with the Chrysler interior it is possible to adjust the blend door manually. Not sure about a 1995 model since that has the old AMC-designed interior, but it may be something to try if you can reach the blend door lever as on the later models.