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Should all four tires be from the same brand with the same tread?


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I have a Dodge Challenger 2010, is it ok if I have two front tires from one brand and two rear from another?

What if the fron tires are 255/40R20 and the rear one are 275/40R20?

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Just stick to your OEM tyre size.

If your vehicle came with a staggered setup from the factory, continue with it during your tyre changes, or else just use the manufacturer specifications. 

I personally use the same 4 tyres (brand & tread) on all 4 corners, and replace all 4 tyres as a set. You don’t have to and it’s okay to use different brands as long as each axle is running identical treads. 

The advice changes for AWD vehicles where it gets super complicated.


This would only really be an issue on an AWD car. You can take several different mfg tires of the same size and measure them and there can be up to 3/4" difference in height. That's why it's best to at least keep the front or rears matching. on a AWD car you really need to keep them all matching. People that can't afford new tires and go buy used tires, I've seen them end up with four different makes of tires. And they don't understand why they eat tires so quick and have to keep buying used ones. Example, you have to use the temp spare on front wheel of an FWD vehicle. It's ok to get to a tire place. But they eat up quick when driven as a regular tire. More from the fact it's a different size on the differential than anything else. And long term it will cause wear on the differential. 


should not be a problem, assuming they are the same size



can extra width cause additional wear and tear of components?

As long as it has free range of movement on the front, or doesn't impact the wheel well when hitting a bump no. Height is the one you really need correct. Not only will the incorrect height on the vehicle throw your speedometer off. It can impact how your transmission shifts. That's why the ECM needs to be reprogrammed for bigger or smaller tires if you put them on. Also again on different brands I have seen up to 3/4" difference in height depending on tread depth. This isn't healthy for differentials. Best to run the same brand on a differential.


If law allows that, why not. In some countries all 4 tires have to be the same model.