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How long can I have my car windows down when listening to music very loud?


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I am asking because I read if you have music over 100 decibels for more then 15 minutes it can give permanent hearing damage. With the wind noise, traffic noise, and my radio volume, I feel like my music is at or above 100 decibels when I listen extremely loud to music in my car. I got this information from an article on the internet and I am not so sure if it is true or not. Preferably want Scotty to answer. This is the article:
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What did you say I can't hear you I listened to loud music and drive motorcycles without helmets. Well yeah they all leave ringing in your ears I say roll up the windows and don't turn the music up too loud if you want to save your hearing. But it's too late for me.

Yes I get it. I am guessing this is why I rarely ever see people listening loudly to music with their car windows down?

That and in some places they can get a ticket for creating a public nuisance.



I got a set of noise-cancelling earbuds for use on long motorcycle rides (work great for Waze directions as well as for music). I haven't tried them in my car yet, but I would imagine that would help in this situation. They work great on long flights.


That’s pretty funny I listen to loud music myself but that’s because I was an artillery guy in the army so my hearing is craptastic anyways, but as long as you can see your side view mirrors not shaking from your music I think you’ll be fine lol


When your exhaust is chucking out 108 db at WOT, you don't tend to worry about loud music. That's my situation typically if I'm not in my daily. Cool