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How much rust is too much rust?


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I have a 2003 Ford Expedition XLT, V8, 5.4L, 4WD. It's gone about 200,000KM, and we live in Calgary (Alberta, Canada), where salt is used on the roads in winter. I noticed that there is a lot of rust on the frame and wheel well areas. A mechanic saw it and said not to worry too much, but I thought I'd get your opinions. Thanks alot.

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Got pictures? 

Generally speaking if you take a hammer to the rusted area and it has a nice solid dong, it is most likely okay and just superficial rust. 

If stuff starts flaking off, or you hear more of a crunching sound than a solid dong, then rust is BAD and potentially unsafe. 

Hard to tell though without pictures or without seeing and hearing it. 

Send link to pics. Where you live and the road conditions could mean a rusted frame.