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How to find an actual honest mechanic?


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So I didn’t see this question in the search, but I’ll shoot:

Given that the “recommended services” of most chain vehicle repair shops, dealerships, and name brand auto shops in general are to be taken with a grain of salt, how would one go about finding a truly honest mechanic, like many of the people on this website, Scotty, etc?

google did not seem to yield viable results, and in my time here on Terra Firma, literally every auto repair shop I’ve been to has done exactly what Scotty talks about; selling you parts you don’t need, recommending services that won’t help, and inducing fear so that you are seemingly hopeless to do anything other than pay for costly repairs. This is not news to anyone I suspect.

so how does someone go about finding a genuine, honest, trustworthy mechanic? Word of mouth? Networking with other mechanics? Finding the rare mom and pop auto shops?

im genuinely curious, given that I’m still learning about the modern day vehicle, and given that I have a 2003 Honda Pilot I’m trying to inject some life into, as well as a brand new 2021 Tacoma TRD Off-road, which I want to ensure I’m prepared for any future problems/ issues as they arise.

Thanks for any input.

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Thanks brother!

You're very welcome!


I've been going to the Firestone near my house a long time, I noticed a guy who was always there and I asked to have him worked on my car. We has a few casual conversations and he liked me. And because he likes me, he also likes my car.