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Should I replace my 1997 Camry with a 2007 Impala?


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My in-laws wanted to give me their Chevy Impala with 47k miles on it and get rid of my 97 camry with 147k miles on it.  Mine has had some problems but nothing major.  My wife is pushing me on it, but I think it's a bad idea.  What are your thoughts.

What problems are you facing with your Camry?

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Keep the Camry if you have no serious issues with it. Btw, what model year is the Impala?


Don’t they like you??


I would keep the Camry if you're not having issues with it.  My 75 year old mother has a 2006 Impala with a V6 and only 74,423 miles on it and it is starting to have issue after issue. 


Just my 2 cents. 



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2007 Impala

Definitely not.


I would keep the Camry you still got some years In it. If you are in Illinois check for rust under the car.

I'm in Minnesota and have rust on the body by the wheel wells

Just like Scotty said check to see if it’s rusted completely or it’s just superficial. You have plenty more years with the Camry. The impala could hurt your pockets.
Don’t fix anything little until it’s time for emissions. When the big problems roal in like causing the engine to be taking out. Sell it.

If not scrap it. For metal.


drive the impala til the wheels falloff. store the camry


I would pass on it, especially as a daily and if you intend to put lots of mileage on it well past 100,000 miles.  See below:


Hold on.

Let me get this straight.

Your in laws want to give you a free car?

This is a no-brainer

Keep the chevy for yourself and give the Camry to the wife.

Or visa versa. Either way you both have a car.

If the Impala dies, so what?

It was FREE!