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Interior light issue


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  1. Hi Scotty,
    I’ve got a 2008, Vauxhall/Opel Astra H (Mk5), 1.9cdti, manual 6 speed. My interior lights stay on whilst driving, they turn off about an hour after I’ve left and locked it. Me and a few others are completely baffled. There’s no “door ajar” lights on the dash and the lights only stay on whilst I’m driving the car. Ever come across anything like this?... Thanks in advance

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Opels when they were part of GM used very cheap door switches. If you look at you door jam by the hinges you should see a push button switch for each front door. Just gently pull the switch out of its hole and unplug it. If the light goes off that switch is bad. Either deal with it not being able to turn the light on when you open the door, or order a replacement switch for about 7-8 bucks. 


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