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Engine problems after shop replaced starter


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My daughter has a 2008 Honda Accord with a 4cyl engine and automatic transmission. The car has about 110,000 miles on it. The starter was going bad over a period of about a month and took several tries but once the starter finally engaged the flywheel, the car always fired up and ran beautifully. We're in N GA and took the car to Japanese Auto and they agreed it needed a starter. They installed a new starter and called us to say the engine needs to be replaced because there is a bad connecting rod. I never heard any knocks. The new starter turns the engine over fine but the engine refuses to fire up. I'm thinking the mechanic screwed something up while taking all the stuff off or putting everything back on. A wire, a sensor, I don't know maybe he blew a fuse. I'm having the car towed back to my house tomorrow and I will try a few things like seeing if the engine is getting gas and spark. The shop acts as if they don't believe me when I say after several tries with the old starter it would finally engage with the flywheel and the engine never failed to run and It drove perfectly. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Well obviously you were dealing with idiots there. It had no idea what they're doing. For example, if they didn't remove the battery cables when they replace the starter, they could have easily shorted out the whole computer system of the car. I would start with the basics. See if any wiring has gone bad and plugging a scan tool to see if you can see if the computers lost communication because it was fried or if there's any obvious wiring that's been damaged


Scotty answered at 4:21