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leaking power steering section?


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My previous 2000 caravan 4cyl had non removable metal steering DISTRIBUTION pressure line. The distribution 2lines were mounted first at factory under steering long gear box mounted  to frame The metal line leaked at a corner. I put a split rubber hose over crack on tube with double screw clamps to slow down the leak. My current 2003 caravan Haynes service manual has no reference to replacing high or low pressure power steering line either. Both vans had 4 cylinders. The 6cyl steering box has different lines alignment, so that's why there are videos of repair/replacement.  9 out of 10 dodge caravans were 6 cylinder type, not mine! What should i do? Fluid reservoir runs down slowly. (I am assuming leak is from hidden line under gear box or seals leak on gear box.

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Well before you start messing test. Get some UV leak dye. You can get a whole kid of dye, yellow sunglasses and UV light cheaply enough on Amazon. Then put it in and see where the guy comes out then go from there