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2016 Honda Accord CVT P0741


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Hey Scotty! Love the videos!

so here’s my situation, I have 2016 Honda Accord 2.4 cylinder with the cvt transmission currently 106xxx miles on it. I bought it new and have always taken care of it meticulously. Change engine oil, filter and air filter every 5k. Drain and fill cvt every 30k. At 100k I replaced the belt tensioner, belt, replaced coolant, changed the spark plugs, changed all brake pads and rotors. . Etc you get the picture. Recently the drive indicator started flashing so I took it to the Honda dealer to have them pull the code since the code reader I have it about 10 years old and doesn’t pull transmission codes. They wanted to charge me $100 just to run the diagnostic!! Can you believe it?!! I said the hell with you guys! You’re gonna tell me I need a new transmission anyway! So I went and upgraded my current code reader! Got a Innova 5610 and viola, sure enough there’s the transmission codes. I got a P0741. I did the VTC test and failed. Solenoid sticking or clogged. Next interval I have to drain and fill isn’t till 120k but I decided to pick up the fluid anyway at the dealership while I was there. I’m hoping a drain and fill will do the trick given that I’ve never let it go more than 30k in the past. What advice do you have if the problem still occurs? Car runs great! No noticeable changes in anything and I’m a realtor so I do a lot of driving!


Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks Scotty

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Yeah for a change in the oil fix is that? If not, you could replace the solenoid and realizing Hondas. They often will clog up the little filter that's on it so you might take the filter out. Clean it if you find out. It's all clogged up. They're just a metal screen