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Preferred Oil Filter Brands Poll is created on Sep 23, 2022


Preferred Oil Filter Brands


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I did a search and saw several posts, but none comprehensive. So I am making a poll to see what the preferred oil filter brands are, besides OEM. 

One rule of thumb is that the heavier the filter is, the better. That said, I prefer the K&N because of the ease of removing it with just a 1" socket.

@michigan-guy please copy and paste your answer into the ‘Your Answer’ section down below. Thank you.

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Posted by: @kaizen

none comprehensive

I don't know why you want to duplicate a discussion that has already been repeated over and over. What makes you think that THIS TIME it will be a "comprehensive" answer? Once again, what you'll get is 20 different opinions based on anecdotal information. Polls are only good for finding a "popular" answer.

We've already established that brands don't really mean much, since many of the filters comes from the same factory and get stuffed into different color boxes.

On top of that , a single brand may have half a dozen different tiers of filter.

The only true measure of oil filter performance would be to do a huge, long term study on a fleet of vehicles, over the course of years, using various types of vehicles and filters, comparing like to like, and then compiling data from oil analyses, engine longevity, and detailed tests and teardowns of engine using microscopy,  measuring compression, etc. Nobody is going to pay for such a useless, waste of time study.

The closest thing that I have ever found, was this well done laboratory simulation on

Of course, the problem with such a study is that the results are immediately rendered invalid, as soon as a manufacturer slightly changes an oil filter design, or changes suppliers for the filter media, or car technology changes, or oil chemistry changes, etc.

It wouldn't surprise me if the reality was that it doesn't make one iota of difference to the operation of your vehicle which one of the reputable brands you buy.

are we going to vote on air filters next week? Or should we do a "comprehensive" poll on what toilet paper I like?

Or, what toilet paper works best as an oil filter...


You guys are using toilet paper to filter oil?! And here I’m paying $3.75 a pop, for OEM!


I usually use NAPA Gold (Wix), Mann, or Purolator.


I agree with @mmj that the answers you’ll get here are idiosyncratic and anecdotal.  But then again, so is the whole Scotty Kilmer YouTube channel Wink  

The utility of this question, particularly for people who are new to the forum and just now getting into DIY maintenance and repair is that even though there may not be “one filter to rule them all”, there is a real and significant difference between quality parts and cheap parts.  Scotty’s video yesterday about brake pads is another good example of that.  With car parts, you mostly get what you pay for.  If you want to do a job right, you need good parts.


I’ve seen Scotty use STP oil filters in his videos. I personally use OEM.