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Which tires should I buy for optical ride comfort


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Hi, I've got a lexus gs 350 2016 base. Rides on a 235 45r18, I am trying to get better rider comfort especially over bumps, by increasing the tire aspect ratio (height), can I just get a 235 55r18 to replace my 235 45r18 or are there any draw backs to this??

Thank you for your insights.

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that's two inches taller or 7.2% increase which is a lot.


I doubt they're going to fit without rubbing at full turn, and even then the increased diameter means you're going to have less take off torque, the speedometer will be significantly off, the transmission won't shift right and the ABS won't work properly. That is way too much of a change.


What I would do instead is change the wheel size. 18" wheels doesn't leave much room for rubber. go down to 17" or 16" and leave the overall tire diameter the same. Use a calculator to figure it out (

It's going to be expensive though.



Recently, I had Michelin Primacy MXM4 215/55R17 tires put on my '07 Lexus ES350.  Much quieter than the previous Michelin Defender set. It put luxury back in the car.

Thank you @itwt and @jdavidm


try 101tire


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don't have an h rated version.

why do you have to have 'h' rated tires??? Are you going to be driving 130mph?  Why not 's' or 't' or something like that?

I've never had to worry about speed ratings when buying tires, because I'm not a race car driver. Whatever they had was just fine.

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Thank you @imperator

Don't think I'll be doing it then.

Given the tire clearance to tire-guard I saw physically, I thought slapping on new tires will just work and give me the cushion i need. Having to get new rims seems like alot of investment. 

Gosh I miss my camry.

But thank you again sir

Posted by: @grey

I thought slapping on new tires will just work and give me the cushion i need

As has been recommended in your previous topics on this same issue, your best bet would be running OEM spec Michelins on the stock rims with maybe the cold tyre pressure lowered (by 2psi at most), to extract best ride quality. 

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Hi, I am trying to find a mechiline crossclimate2 235 45r18 or 225 45r18  h rated tires 

Or hankook kinergy 4s2 h750, 235 45r18 or 225 45r18  h rated tires 

Don't seem to be able to find it on tire rack, priority tire or simple tire, even on ebay.

Do these tire sizes not come or have an h rated variant? Only seem to see W for hankook and V and above for the crossclimate2.

Thank you for your responses 

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Thank you sir

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Thank you @boot

I did check there as well as 1010tires

Maybe those sizes are regarding as tire sizes for faster cars and don't have an h rated version.

I might settle for the V, it will be much better than the Y's I have on my GS. I don't really drive the car like crazy.

H will require to get 17 inch rims, which is out of budget.

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@imperator my gs350 came with Y rated tires which ride harshly hence I was trying to get at h rated tire.

Had h rated tires on my camry and they rode great, then I got mechiline crossclimate2 which for my tire spec only came in v and I instantly noticed how much harsher they rode.



Did your Camry have 18" wheels?


here you go.... good reviews on these


also, don't multi-post. Please keep all your related questions together in one topic.

No, the camry had 17 ich rims.
Thank you

well I think that mostly explains why the tires felt better. I would forget about the speed stuff and just focus on good tires that were designed with comfort in mind, or as comfortable as they can be on big wheels.
For example the Kinergy 4S2 you wanted were designed for optimal all weather traction.
Whereas the Kinergy GT and ST product marketing highlights the ride comfort.
Same with the Crossclimates. They boast about wet braking performance. But looking through their website, Michelin doesn't seem to care about ride quality at all.

Thank you sir
It does snow here at the east coast, hence I was hoping for something that can be safe during winter as well.
But I guess I can't have the best of both walls.
Comfort and all weather performance.
I don't know if the goodyear assurance comfortdrive or the mechiline defender ather great option with h rating available for my tire size will be safe during winter.