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Love the help on YouTube!


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Scotty, I'm a 61 yr old, 26-yr retired USAF veteran. You've become somewhat a hero and inspiration of mine for all your hard work you do at putting all these videos together to help all of us DYI'ers and mechanic want-a-bees. I really appreciate your hard work and passion in making the videos. I would love to visit you in TN to shake your hand and maybe take a picture with you if you'd permit it. I bought one of your "Ya can't fix Stupid" t-shirts and decals so I can contribute. I'm a 100% disabled veteran so I don't get around much anymore, but I would like to add visiting you on my bucket list. Very Respectfully, Gerry D.

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Hi Gerry.  Scotty is on the East coast at the moment, but he'll be back in TN eventually. Check the FAQ for contacting Scotty.


Scotty comes back to Tennessee in December.  Go to the section indicated by MMJ and email to book now.