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The am2 fuse keeps blowing, I can't find anything at fault with the wiring or the starter relay. This car does have a security light that I'm told is also tied into this system and I can't find that relay. Keeps blowing the 15 amp fuse after running for a while in the course of course the car just quits. What else should I be looking for. Starter has been replaced its brand-new that wasn't it. Thank you so much enjoy your videos you are highly informative and very entertaining

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Well that's a big fuse that feeds the ignition switch check the switch first pray it's just a bad switch but that power is just about everything you're going to have to check everything from the switch back to see when the power goes on which end is blowing. You need a good meter to test the resistance of all the wires and sensors that it feeds

Thank you. You confirmed what i had already surmised after I emailed you. By process of elimination the easiest thing to do is just go with new switch and see if if just goes away (we hope) other wise not only is it going to be difficult to find even with a meter repairing it could be a nightmare and once the circuit is identified it might just be easier to run a completely new wire and splice it in and just abandon the old rather than trying to find the short and repair it. THX Scotty keep up the good humor!