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Mazda flywheel


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I have an 06 Mazda 6S that i need a fly wheel for. (Its a 5 speed) its a stock 3.0 but i have no idea which flywheel to buy.( every parts store or site like rockauto show multiple ones). Any advice. Just looking for general knowlege. Ive never opened the clutch myself so I've no idea what it has in it. 

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You need to give your VIN to the parts house to get the correct parts.  Why do you need a new flywheel?  Can't you just get it turned at a local machine shop?  A complete clutch kit will include the disc, pressure plate, throw out bearing and pilot bearing.   

Ive already went through those avenues. I bought this car to give to my son when he turns 16. And as i dig into it im realizing its a little more messed up that i thought. And since it needs a new clutch i am just swapping everything out to new so i dont have to do it again anytime in the near future. Its about a 15 hour job to replace the clutch itself. And if the old flywheel cracks after i get it done. Then i will have to do it twice. Ive no idea what condition its actually in. And i dont trust the word of who i bought it from.

Understood, good thinking.