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Which SUV should I buy


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Scotty I currently drive a Lexus RX (great car) but expecting another kid so getting a new full sized vehicle. I want the new Toyota Sequoia but the cargo is too small. Am I taking a big risk in getting a new Chevy Tahoe? Will it last 10+ years?

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Am I taking a big risk in getting a new Chevy Tahoe?

Yes. Scotty has got into great lengths about the issues of new GM trucks.

Will it last 10+ years?

Depending on how much you drive, but chances are that it'll be rough after 60k-100k miles.

Lexus RX (great car)

Consider a Toyota 4Runner, it too can be configured as a 7 seater.

Between the petrol 4Runner and petrol Tacho there's only a 1 mpg difference, but the 4Runner is actually built to last.


(At the moment I can not recommend the Lexus LX as the DynamicForce turbocharged engines and the DirectShift 10 speed gearboxes are way too new to know their true reliability and what design / quality defects these have - but looking at early indications they seem to be alright this far)


have you considered a minivan?

I'll bet the fuel economy is better than those tall SUVs


Have you looked at the Highlander? Too small too?

Saw one of my neighbors with kids have to struggle putting strollers and beach wagons in the trunk.


How many seats do you need?