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New parts lower gas mileage


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Scotty I have a 2003 Buick LA saber limited with a 130000 miles. I changed the front upper ball joints front lower ball joints front wheel bearings both sides. I also changed the back wheel bearings and the rear ball joints.  New muffler and other new things such as tires, Spark plugs, spark plug wires.brake6s and struts so on so forth. I did all the work myself last October over a weeks time.

I drive the same route every day fifteen miles with no stop signs in between.

My average miles has always been about 27.2 - 27.3. At 60 mph for years.

After changing all those Parts, 1 of the rear wheel bearings was bad. The average mileage is now down to twenty three miles per gallon. It was about 22.7 for a month then it climbed up to. Twenty three miles per gallon and has stayed there now since  november. 

Any idea why all the new parts would make the car get worse gas mileage? that's quite a difference.

The car has never let me down and my last battery which I changed in October lasted me nine years one month and it was still working when I changed batteries. AC Delco.

Thank You

Paul Williams Michigan


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Any time you change wheel bearings,  unless it's a solid axle, your car most likely needs re-aligned. 


I had the car Aligned at the dealer twice I had changed so many things with new parts. I thought. Maybe they didn't do it right The 1st time because it pulled a little bit to the right, after they did the 2nd one. The car was fine did not change the gas mileage at all.

Find an independent mechanic who specializes in tire alignments and go from there. A Ford dealer couldn't find anything wrong. While replacing my girlfriend's brake fluid, a noise I had been hearing or 50k miles wasn't there anymore.