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Nissan Altima hybrid opinions


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hey Scotty,

What's ur opinion on a Nissan Altima Hybrid? I am not buying one but I am interested in ur opinion since they were different from other Nissans of that time using a Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive system paired with the 2.5 4 cylinder making a 198 hp and doing 0-60 in like 7.5 seconds. It also had the CVT transmission from Toyota if I am not wrong.

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The Altima hybrid does use a Toyota system but they were not very functional. The fuel economy wasn’t any spectacular over the next generation Altima’s or even there full gas counterpart 

yeah, even though it was pretty fast for a hybrid, it didn't match the fuel economy of the Camry hybrid and Nissan didn't sell that many of them, despite them being decent. My friend had an 08 Altima hybrid and it was a good car before they traded it in for a Genesis G80, which IDK if that was smart lol.


The Altima Hybrid does use the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive system, but uses the Nissan QR25DE engine. It operates like a Prius and can run on electric power alone. I have a friend of mine who is a solar engineer, and when she goes to the west coast of the U.S., she usually rents a Toyota Camry. But one year, the rental car company gave her an Altima Hybrid because nobody wanted it and all the Camrys were rented out. She was satisfied with the car driving it back and forth between Santa Cruz, CA and Vancouver, BC. At the end of the day, it was one of Nissan's better products since the Renault merger.

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I'm not too up to date on Nissan hybrids.  Last I understood their technology, it is different than Toyota's approach.  

With Toyota, the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and the Electric Motor (EM) share responsibility for driving the wheels of the car.

With Nissan, the ICE just generates electricity for the EM to drive the wheels of the car.