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[Solved] Nissan tida hatch 2011 Starting problem.


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Hello, my nissan tida hatch with a standard six transmission and a 1.6L engine has sometimes trouble starting.

the car has 98000km or 61000 miles.


i turn the key and click, after some re trys I can generally start it.

tempeture rarely goes below 46F in winter which is now if it helps

the battery was replaces in February but i have learned now that its a 400CCA one.

any ideas or help welcome. Thx you

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Put a charger on a battery and try to start the car. If the situation is the same, you might have a bad starter. Have someone hit the starter while you turn the ignition switch, if the car starts, you know the issue. 

Sorry for the late reply, it was a starter that had gone bad, after its replacement it works perfectly.

No problem. Thanks for the update.


See here -


Sounds to me like a bad starter.

But first connect a battery tester and see if your car charges it properly and the battery is in good health - batteries nowadays are disposable crap.