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Hey Scotty, I own a 2003 Corolla (1ZZ-FE Engine, Automatic Trans) with 167K miles. I was driving it out of town when all of a sudden the car started to jerk and eventually stall out. I put my scan tool in and got code P1300, P1305, P1310, P1315 and P1656. I went ahead and ran to the auto parts store to grab a new VVT Solenoid and after installation my car started on the first crank. Unfortunately after a few steps of driving the car failed on me again and threw these codes once more. What should I do? I unfortunately had to leave my car behind and had someone take me home. 

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Well, it could be that the variable valve time in assembly has broken that does happen on those things. That's a very expensive repair if the VVT system is broken on the camshaft