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OptiFuels Scam


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Hey Scotty,

I've recently come across a device advertised to increase performance and MPG.  It is called the OptiFuel.  I cannot seam to locate any review information to see if this device really delivers the MGP of 35% increase it claims.  I have a 2007 Chevy Tahoe with 250k.  It gets 12 - 17 MPG depending on local or highway driving.  If this is really true, a few more miles per gallon would be really nice!!

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This has been addressed many times.  Please see under FAQ:


Pure Bunk.

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30% improvements are possible, but not by driving your usual style and some plugging silly "tuner" claiming to "optimize" the car for that driving style. The car has computers that already optimize it as much as possible.

I got 22.2 MPG a few weeks ago in my '99 Ranger driving mostly highway and some country roads. It's rated at 19 MPG. I drove 55-60 on the highway and coasted out stops as much as could be done safely. My usual MPG was between 16 and 17 before.

Try driving conservatively and beat your best MPG. There is a maximum, but the 38% improvement I made that week, basically cut my gas bill by 38%. You will become a safer driver as well -it teaches you to not ride too close to people, or drive like a maniac in general.

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this device really delivers the MGP of 35% increase

If this were really possible, don't you think it would already be built into the car?