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Scam gadgets for the OBD port - Fuel saving - Chip tuning - etc

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Looking to see if this is just another gimmick or if it actually works?  Does anyone have any experience with this device?

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This question gets asked here endlessly.

The little box contains nothing but blinking lights. It's a complete scam, and it might do harm to your vehicle.

Scotty has stated unequivocally that he will never do commercials or paid product endorsements.

They are all fakes.


I looked up the phone number on the website, and it turns out this company also sells something called the PowerVolt, which is another scam. They advertise that when you plug it into your wall at home, you save money on your electricity bill and they usually target elderly people with it.

According to the IP address, the website is based in California.

I wish it was easier to report these thieving predators to the authorities and shut them down. Maybe Cali already has their hands full with looters.


THANKS, much appreciated!


Stop using Facebook. 


The throttle response that you're feeling is all psychological. That's how this stuff works...they say on the box you'll get better throttle response so that when you plug it into your car you will "expect" to feel it. I bet you if they gave you a blank version of that plug (non branded, just a yellow plug), you'll say "Man I feel nothing with this!" There is no such thing as a chip that can control the car performance-wise from the OBDII at that price. All they do is blink a little LED light to "show" it works lol.

I don't think its psychological... Maybe in there in the U.S., only the fake ones are sold and you haven't seened a genuine one... Or you're used to powerful engines that you could not feel the difference. While here in the Philippines, we are used to tiny 4Cylinder engines that we could feel slight difference. No offence there.
Well, I'll investigate on it further. Like blind testing with another driver without telling them if its installed or not.
Thank you so much for the response.


yes the devices your showed are purely psychological.


A small chip like that connected to the OBDII does not have the ability to even add performance, that's the issue. The motherboard in that chip literally just uses voltage from the OBDII to power a light...they have been analyzed by electronics engineers and they have confirmed there is no computing ability on those circuit boards to alter any parameters in the ECU to boost performance. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but that's just the facts.

For example, take a look at the BMS JB4 plug-in tuner (which I use and familiar with). This actually works because it utilizes a motherboard with computing power that samples and alters the data collected from multiple sensors it connects to, the OBDII port, and a few CANbus wires on the ECU. It's basically a secondary ECU "piggybacking" off the main ECU. It requires WAY more things like this to add noticeable power to your car, not a small computer-less motherboard.


Its a scam we've seen this before.


Yeah post the shot cuz I don't do any commercials but people are often take pictures of me and use them without my permission


Total bunk rip off.


Don't you think that if such a magical thing could be accomplished by software, that the manufacturer would make them that way in the first place?

The reality is that there's only so much energy that you can squeeze out of a gallon of gas - and no aftermarket software can increase it in a significant way.

If you want better gas millage the only "hack" is to drive moderately and press the gas pedal slower and less.


Save your money.  Also, if it was that simple you would think automakers with their multi-hundred millionaire dollar plus budgets and R&D investments would have been using those already, especially with CAFE standards getting ever more stringent.


Those are all scams as @Daywalker and @Doc say. If you want to get the best possible MPG from your car, keep the MAF, throttle plate air and fuel filters clean, use a quality brand of gasoline and take it easy on the accelerator or brakes. Drive like the grandma you get mad at for accelerating slowly or going the speed limit and anticipate light changes, etc. Coast instead of brake...

Normally when I drive my 23 year old Ranger 4×4 I average 17.5 MPG or so. Sometimes I drive like I stole it. Lately I've tried to take it easy, and I got 19.3 MPG out of it. That's a 10% boost. 


Really, the trick is to keep your RPMs as low as you can, while staying in the highest suitable gear. I have a 4.10:1 final drive ratio, so my tachometer is around 2300 going 65. The engine has to work harder to go that fast, because there's only a 4-speed tranny that hits Overdrive at 45 MPH. If I back off to 60, which I may start doing, it's around 2,000 RPMs, which saves gas. Give it a try, you may be surprised!


It's absolute garbage and a scam. In some cases those kind of gadgets can damage the car's electrical systems. They should remove the stupid thing immediately and throw it in the trash.

Search the board, those scam devices have been brought up many times here.


This is just a gimmick. It reminds me what Scotty always says: If there is anyway that you can reduce the fuel consumption, the car manufacturers would use it before selling the car. 



Based off of all these things I've heard so far this sounds like another scam and trying to make money off of people given high gasoline prices. If a car is made to give for example 30mpg there is no way one can make it give them 40mpg (well unless you never drive it).

Driving easy and right at the speed your car shifts into top gear is the point of maximum mileage -wheels are spinning the fastest relative to engine speed. You can't go 45-50 on the highway cuz someone will hit you, but that's where the engine is most efficient.

Yeah I know there are things that can make a car get maximum mileage, but I guess my point was that if a cars max mpg is 30 then you can't magically make it get 40mpg. Every car has a max mpg; one can't get 60mpg from a Civic for example.

That's true, somehow I managed to get 21.2 MPG in my 23 year old 4×4 Ranger w/ 280k miles on it last week. I went 55-60 on the highway. That may be as good as I can get. Haha. I think it was only rated at 19 MPG on the highway.


Are they actually saving any gas? Did you/they check the data?

Problem there is people will unconsciously change their driving habits and convince themselves "it's working".

Exactly, the placebo effect always creates castles in the sky..


You should report the user to facebook


If it sounds too good to be true... It probably is. Any "performance chip" sold in this or similar price bracket is an out and out scam and any mechanic will tell you the same. $40 for "cost saving tune" or whatever bs. That circuit board is for controlling the LED light blinker thing and that's it.

There are a whole lot of scams and these guys seem to have made enough money to put up false reviews on the first 3 pages of google. If you look closely AP news and yahoo and LAweekly they all practically say the same thing. No way there would be that type of continuity if written by 3 different people. And the numbers change from one website saying 15-30% another at up to 35 percent or just flat 25%. 

I understand why such things would seem enticing to the common consumer whom don't understand how things work. They want you to NOT reasearch this thing and just believe that it is as easy and simple as it says it is. Idk how this one got so popular though.

There are a million ways that they can get you on it. Another for quick example is how they try to get you to buy 3 for 79.95 instead of just one for 40. And even then, even if it does do something to your car it will probably hurt your car as most modern cars are already tuned by OEM to maximize economy due to emissions standards and other varying factors. This little chip aint gonna do jack.


Thank you, but it was already brought to our attention below:

I just saw the ad and sent a message on Messenger. I hope Scott goes after them.


Instead of taking just a screenshot, how about obtaining the whole video? And linking the product it sends you to? It'd be easier for Scotty to do something about it that way.


Scotty does not do commercials. Period.

I didnt think he did. Thanks for verifying that. I hope other people dont fall for that.


A lot of crooks around


NOPE. Total waste of $$ The manufacturers already are eeking out every mpg. It's electronic version of snake oil. 


1. Do you believe in miracles?

2. Did you try the search bar, in the top right corner?


Total scam, just like Balance of Nature.


Once again, Scotty reminds us not to fall for this crap.



Does anyone had experience on installing a after market OBD2 performance chips (Original Nitro OBD2, Super OBD2 to name a few)?

Anyone had problems?

I just bought one and installed it in my Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.4L 2016 A/T. Noticed a significant difference in throttle response (30-50% responsiveness)

I'm just worried with long term effect.

Short term effect is I'm a little delayed in applying the breaks. 🤣

Can't seem to find any complaints agaist it... (Only on the fake ones with reverse engineered )

Thank you in advance.


Why did you do that?

Hopefully you have the old part and can put it back the way it was.

No I did not replaced any part, I just plug-in the device in the obd2 port.

This is the device.


A real tuning box, like some for some diesel engines, can provide a slight increase in overall engine performance. However, generic cheap boxes that are not programmed for a specific year/make/model/engine/transmission combination usually make no changes to sensor inputs to a given ECU, and so are useless. Any "improvement" you think you get is probably just hopeful thinking. If you want a real improvement, just get the ECU re-programmed/re-tuned.





Did you know that you were front and center on the Facebook advertisement selling this "Gas Saving Device"?

I have watched enough of your videos to know that this is a scam.

First off, they muted you on the commercial. 

Second off, they show you holding what I think is an O2 sensor which doesn't have anything to do with the crap they are selling.

Here is the link to this video. 

I hate when scammer do this kind of crap!

And it was sent to me from a Veterans page I follow and trust. They dont know how the scammers was able to make it look like it came from them.



Hey Scotty,

This website is using your image and impling you endorse their product.

Please post an update about this and let us know if this is real or a scam.


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