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Scam gadgets for the OBD port - Fuel saving - Chip tuning - etc

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Looking to see if this is just another gimmick or if it actually works?  Does anyone have any experience with this device?

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Years ago magnets, now 'chip tuning'. What is going to be next. Fuel radiation shields? 😞


Seen your face holding a cable in a facebook post from

America's Supreme Patriots  with a link to*J%2C%3C%2CmH-R&c [0]=AT0MEqBvXOToTpldMCCQzh_yNlB7U2hsRoTlwUyLyGimD1nVzE6RBwJ46AGkq0reFBRDv1mSP7IsAZTjrtYJl-wM_UEfU-fgYTePtDu62iriv_EUG9jc0MxfpMPoskCQWERvHC7AmYBInZKY0NmYpyRfGHm8BfV29OmjPkXPuzN2lHOYlwU3e16ijufrlHiE4PjAQHtEXOLj9aM01Lyh4X9Tn0kvQlCqgD_tL32YtSxe2snnfhzjtznFbv-kTiB66EFGuv8VCyffUxtg-sxIfbvdPuabKQB6Cb6ZSS6YSDn1U57h3Bzjv4vI4xveA_r4qJhKqF1zWdjMuS-nou8fQ-sPfQQ
for a gizmo that's going to give 72 miles per gallon.
Looks like someone is trying to hijack your  notoriety.

what a sick twist of events that Scotty was warning people against these scams, but the scammers used the footage to their advantage. Oh well there will always be suckers.


"America's Supreme Patriots"...and it's a scam.


You. Don't. Say. Deceitful  



I saw you holding a O2 Sensor at the beginning of this Companies Ad. Are you doing an endorsement for them? Or have they stolen your clip and put it on their Ad. I saw the Ad on News Break. PS Love your videos. 


Hello Scotty,

Contact me via my email.   I took a screenshot of a company that used a clip of you on video on their commercial and wanted to make sure you were actually part of that.  Since you've said on your channel that you will promote a product but won't do commercials for them.  

(email removed)

Can you post the shot here please?


Has anyone seen the ad to this place? It's showing Scotty as part of their commercial. 


Did they steal footage from one of his videos or did he really do this ? 


Anyone know, one of my kids just assumed since they seen Scotty it's a legit place. I'm just trying to make sure. 




Anyone have any experience with these



Hey Scotty,

Awesome channel! I have seen a lot of adds on the internet lately for a FFUEL ECO OBD2 device that claims 15%-35% fuel savings. Is this legit or another scam?


Hey Scotty, did you know that is using your image and says a former NASCAR mechcanic supports our product? This ad appears sometimes on facebook. Thanks for your help.

Thanks for reporting it.

  1. Wondering if this gas saving device really works or not? Thoughts and opinions on the eco obd2. Attached is a picture.


There is an ODBll plug in chip that is claiming 15% - 35% improved gas mileage. Have you researched this device? One device is $39.99, with multiple item discounts.

Here is a couple of links with the info:


Thank you!


My email address: <removed>



does this actually work. Are there any downsides to using it?


It's definitely a scam.


Anyone use this? Got results?

This has already been discussed on this forum if you do a search: It’s a scam.


This is a scam and is merely a psychological scam just like a doctor gives a patient a placebo. I knew about this being a scam before I ever knew about Scotty's videos or ask scotty 

My 2 neighbors each have 4 cylinder cars. One a Toyota Corolla and the other a Honda F.I.T. The Toyota owner experienced a reduction in power while driving and then later his lights were flickering along with his idiot lights coming on and off. His ECM was totally damaged. The Honda owners vehicle caught on fire and he took pictures when the fire department arson inspector told him that the source of the fire came from under the driver dashboard (Base of the Fire) an due to the fire residue color (Electrical-Accelerant Cause) it was determined by the fire inspector that it was this device. Both owners have consulted with their respective attorneys to start a lawsuit.


ODBII device that reports to saves gas.  Like almost everything that sounds too good to be true, I'm assuming it's a scam to separate you from your coin$


["Smartfuel OBD"]

It alleges 15-35% fuel savings through the onboard computer.

I imagine that there are tweaks that can be made to a vehicle's computer that increase fuel economy slightly, but this website ( suggests 15-35% improvement in fuel economy. 

1. Has anyone tried it and gotten fuel savings in the 15% range?

2. Can that be done without hurting anything over time?



Perfect. Glad I asked. I wish the search function on the site had enabled me to find the infor without asking, but my searched turned up nothing.

always check the FAQ 1st.


My parents put a little device on their car OBD2code reader slot that they say will help save them gas. Sounds like nonsense to me. Thoughts on this product?


Fuel Saving Scotty, have you heard of this Effuel chip plug in device developed by a Japanese company that you plug in and is supposed to improve fuel efficiency by up to 30%?

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