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Great everyone's getting a lot of help here thanks for all the organization

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How do I ask Scotty a question directly?


Where/when can I see Scotty live?


Scotty picks the best questions from the forum to answer here, or feature in a daily video.

He also does a streaming show on Youtube every Saturday at 10am Eastern time, where he answers your questions live on air.

Scotty is currently visiting Rhode Island and will be doing live shows Thursdays at 1pm (EST)

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I openly invite anybody to write a help article about common car questions that people have, or any other helpful topic for car owners/buyers.

Just submit a new question, compose your article in it, and post the URL here.


Here are some topic suggestions:

  • How do I buy a car from a different State.
  • car struggles to start, or runs poorly only when warm/cold ...
  • chassis vibration while driving ...
  • engine vibration ...
  • Fixing rich or lean mixture conditions ...
  • I got screwed by a mechanic/dealership. Legal advice.