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Purchasing a Vehicle from Dealership


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I've got a friend who works at an acura dealership and I've been looking at their used Hondas, toyotas, scions, acuras, and lexus if any.

They recently got a honda 2010 cr-v ex-l, 2012 honda civic ex-l, 2013 honda civic hf. They're all priced around $9,500 and have 123k, 135k, 105k respectively (in order). They all have 5 speed automatic transmissions. 

2013 Scion tc 50k miles 6 speed auto trans but for $11,792

2014 acura tl tech 100k miles, 6 speed auto, listed for $15k

2012 toyota rav 4 103k miles, 5 speed auto $15k

I was wondering which would be the best bet. I was hoping to stay around $10k or under but open to suggestions!

Look forward to the responses! Thank you for your input!

The rav 4 and acura are the only ones with 6 cylinder engines rest are 4 cylinder.

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Typical dealership, they are asking way too much.

I'll give my opinions on the cars, but I wouldn't buy any of the specific ones because their too overpriced:

2012 Honda Civic: Good car as long as you don't mind the cheaper interior and quality specific to the start of that generation, a bit bland (real world value ~ $8000)

2010 Honda CR-V:  Reliable SUV with a few minor common problems other than that worth a look if you could get it for the real world value of ~ $6500

2013 Honda Civic HF: If I'm correct this isn't regular gasoline, but rather hybrid (or something like that)? I'd avoid it

Scion TC: Nice reliable coupe, real world value is flexible but less than 10 grand 

2012 Toyota RAV4: This car is from a generation 16 years old, and thus outdated, a dealer is really looking for a sucker to pay $15,000 for it. Real world value around $8000-$10000. Honestly great SUV, probably my go-to small SUV as the bugs were worked out.

2014 Acura TL: OK cars, which engine though? Some of them had oil burning issues and power steering failures were common. Asking WAAAAAY too much. Found one for $8000 and even then Scotty said it was too much. I'd forget about this specific one.

Good luck! Remember to have a mechanic check out whatever car you plan on buying. I recommend checking out private party sales on craigslist or online car buying sites like cargurus and autotempest before randomly going to a dealer, in a lot of cases prices are 50-%90 MORE than what its really worth.

As for car suggestions, if looking just for an A to B car, you can find 2014-2016 Corollas under $8000-$9000 all day long on craigslist and they are pretty modern in that generation. The 2013 Honda Civic (regular NOT hybrid) is also a good choice.

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Wow thanks! Yeah I plan on taking to mechanic but I just don't know how to find a good one.

I live in South Carolina so I guess I'd go with the lemonsquad.


If you want them for <$10,000 look for the same models from private sellers. 


Go for the Rav4 from a private party, pass on the dealer.


Buy a 10/15 year old Camry and save your money....


The pandemic has caused an over inflated price for used cars, it's ludicrous. All the prices you've listed are 1500-2500 to high in my estimation. But that's car world we live in right now. I've been looking at a couple years used Tacoma pickups, they're asking practically as much as brand new ones. Crazy