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Brand new Ram Rental already falling apart


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Scotty, I just wanted to let you know about my rental I’m driving. It’s a Ram 2500 with the 6.4 Hemi and a complete pile of junk. I’ve put 800 miles on this in a week and while it’s got a lot of power it runs like crap. Only has 6k miles on it and is extremely loud warming up with excessive valve noise. The front end is growling, and the transmission keeps shifting to park when taking off.  Once I got and the back camera was upside down. Check engine light comes and goes. Everything you say about fiat is right. Luckily this rental is free.

Which model year?


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USAFdozerpilot is spot on.  And this is why we recommend to members that ask not to buy a rental car, because they tend to get abused by folks renting them.  I’m sure that Ram rental will be up for sale eventually.


Well it is a rental,  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t rip around when they have a rental vehicle. You probably had people ripping that thing off road, pulling cookies in it, who knows it could’ve been jumped once or twice. Motors probably on full blast at stop lights and on ramps doing burnouts in parking lots. I had a Toyota Forerunner rental it was a 2016 in 19 and first time I got on the highway they steering wheel shuddered so bad I had to put a death grip on it. Ball joint went out, and the rear suspension was shot. Although FCA is definitely not known for overall quality. Realize….. it’s a rental. 

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@tsmith9514 also just a side note, that 6.4 HEMI is actually an overall good motor. Got a work truck with the 6.4. 340,000 mi and it still wants to work. Now just about everything else on the trucks been replaced but that 6.4 is a decent motor when it’s taken care of. You just can’t let those Hemis idle for loads of time, and that’s just cause a couple engineers must’ve had a couple before work and redesigned the Hemis. Got to keep that oil flowin. 

I understand it’s a rental, but at the same time- 6k miles is nothing. It’s so loud I checked the oil multiple times to make sure it wasn’t empty. My 22 year old triton v10 is quieter. Albeit half the horsepower 😂