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2010 accord jerking after cleaning maf and throttle body


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Hey Scotty, I have a 2010 Honda accord with 150k miles. I recently cleaned the MAF sensor and throttle body and now the car jerks while downshifting and coming to a stop and the rpm keeps fluctuating. There are no check engine lights. It was running perfectly fine before. What should I do?

What did you use to clean the MAF and throttle body?

CRC mass air flow and throttle body cleaner

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Well anytime you clean that stuff you should disconnect the battery or unplug all sensors cuz if you didn't it can cause problems. But sometimes just cleaning makes the throttle sit differently and it can take days or sometimes weeks for the computer to learn the proper idle speed


I've seen people pull them off the car to clean them and not get a new gasket, or the new gasket doesn't seal correctly. Also some don't open freely by hand (are gear driven) so if you forced it open to clean it you may have done some damage. If it moved freely that's fine if it as stiff did you force it to move?

This guy is incorrect about having to remove it to clean it. It's best way to get it 100% but not necessary. Also tells you how to do your relearn procedure on the throttle body.

So the P0507 code came on today. I cleaned it on the car by spraying the clear on a towel and opening it by hand to clean the throttle body. Any suggestions how I can fix the code? Thanks

Did you do the throttle relearn procedure yet? if not do that, then clear the code, see if it comes back.