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Chevrolet Caprice


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  1. So GM products are a no-go for you, with a few exceptions (like the heavy duty, serious work trucks) I've only ever heard folks rave about the 1991-1996 Chevrolet Caprice. Is this GM product one of those exceptions in your view?
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I've found those to actually be pretty dependable cars. Way back before GM quality took a nosedive. Many police departments used them. In fact I have a friend who does maintenance on city vehicles and he is constantly complaining for the good ole days when police drove Ford and Chevrolets compared to the Dodge Chargers many have now. 


That car was made back when GM was making decent cars. Plus it is V8 and RWD which is what GM and Ford were best at. A Caprice is a lot like a Chevrolet version of a Crown Victoria. They were excellent cars.


See below:  and there are other GM cars too that are decent from back then.


Back in that time, they were good cars. But they don't make them like that anymore.