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Are paddle shifters any good?


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Hello. I’ve tried researching this question, are paddle shifters any good for using in a CVT from Jatco that is used in the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer. Will it damage the transmission over time. I like using the manual shift mode better than leaving it in drive and now I’ve been using it more. The transmission is working good in any mode. If you’re wondering the odometer is clocking in at 160k 

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Definitely a case by case question. 

CVT's simulate gear changes as @USAFdozerpilot said, so you're not getting a "real" gear change experience. But using the paddles will not harm the transmission. You will likely lose MPG due to not shifting at optimal RPM's, but that's about it.


A CVT doesn’t shift like a traditional automatic does. There are no gears in a CVT so to make it feel like you’re dancing through gears the belt and pulley just moves to pre set points so you get the feel good of thinking you’re just ripping through those gears which is not even close to true. Paddle shifters for a CVT trans is completely useless. 

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It depends on the car. Toyota Corollas have CVTs and paddle shifters and theirs are pretty good because they have nice ratios and quick responding shifts, not sure if Jatco units offer those qualities.