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Redesigned 2019 Mazda Miata


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Are the new manual Miatas reliable? I'm asking because in 2019, the skyactive GDI engine had a redesign and curious if there are problems with them. Thank you!

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I would not sweat it Ashley, Miatas have been around forever and have been amongst the most reliable cars ever made.  Manual transmissions in general tend to be reliable.  Recent Mazdas are very reliable.


Go for it!


I would get one but by buddies "chick car" references would be inbearable,lol

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we have one, take my chick with me always, we take it local back roads , count cows n skunk and watch the sun go down, its like a large go-cart, whole lot of fun, wish they would make room for a spare tire though

Okay, thanks!!


Strangely enough, there are no serious problems with Mazda SkyActiv engines. There have been several cases of oil pumps replacement which for some reason did not develop the maximum pressure. This is all in the past. Also, SkyActiv engine produces knocking at cold starts, … but so does Toyota’s A25A, for example. But that’s high pressure, … ~ 3000 psi fuel pump.

Anyway, … current Miata is most likely the best Miata yet! Just get one, … that is, if you grinned like an idiot durning a test drive! You did take one for a test drive? Yes?


bugs in yo teeth smile so much


Only time will tell

Roughly how many years does it take to prove? Thanks.

About 4 to 5 years. In this time it should be perfected. Fresh releases are for 'guinea pigs'.

Okay, thank you.


The newer Miata manuals have problems


The latest Miata MT is more reliable than the last one, no problems.

Stop mis-informing people:

The only problems with manual transmissions Miatas have, … all of them, are dust bellows! Primarily the ones on the bottom, the ones that bolt on to the turret of the transmission. Those bellows have a hard metal plate. That plate holds shifter gimbal in place. Bellow gets torn, … dirt gets in. Problem with gimbal and the internals if not attended right away! fwiw

The manual transmission issues have been resolved with the ND2 that started in 2019.