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Rod bearing


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Recently my car starting making noises i soon found out it was a rod bearing problem, i have never had problems with oil leaks or oil burning and i take good car of my car(160k miles) always do oil changes every 3k miles with synthetic high mileage oil 5w-20 for 03 honda civic, was wondering what couldve caused the rod bearing to go bad when my car isnt leaking or burning oil?

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Are you sure it's rod knock and not camshafts starting to make noise? When the car is idling, you may be hearing the camshafts, which are running at twice the speed of the crankshaft. 


Have you ever adjusted the valves? If you've never done so, you want to adjust them. Hondas have old style engines where the valves need manual adjusting. They don't have self-adjusters. 

Actually right before this happened my cars Camshaft position sensor went bad, idk if that has anything to do with it but the car makes a slight noise in park but in drive and while im driving its very noisy.

Does it go away when you start driving? Rod knock comes from deep within the engine, it doesn't matter if you revv it up or not. It's a quite distinct sound.

it sounds similar but not quite as deep of a sound, if you have somewhere i can send you a video on i can show you

It's a video, so create a YouTube channel if you aren't already on YouTube, then copy and paste the link here.


Usually that would be caused by sludging, oil starvation, or over-revving the engine.