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rodents in engine compartment


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i park my car fir periods of time where I work, and when I come back off the road I find sometimes something is making a nest in my cars engine compartment. We thought it was a squirrel but now we learned it’s mice.

some even have had their wires chewed and cannot get their vehicle started.

any suggestions?

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You can also try these:

hope it helps.

Thanks mate!!!! My O2 sensor and mass flow problems kinda stopped after I turned on my AC...I think they didn't like the cold an left. I also found a nest under the brake handle compartment. But anyone know how to take off the AC vents in a 199 Isuzu Rodeo? I think they made a nest in there cuz I couldn't turn the vent switch to point anywhere but the head for ac/heat. Now its free but I think I want to clean itand make sure they can't get in with wire and peppermint oil...


some people say dryer sheets work well.

I find cats work the best for keeping rodents away from the home.


Go to the Dollar Store, buy a rubber snake and put it in your engine compartment.  The mice will flee in terror.

That won’t work

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