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Scrap or sell?


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Tldr: transmission gave out in ford ranger. Should I try to fix, sell, or scrap?

2000 Ford Ranger XLT 2wd auto 168k

So, i was driving along the highway when all of a sudden my gas pedal had no effect on my speed. I let myself decelerate onto the shoulder to see what happened. The RPMs would move accordingly, but the car would not move in drive or reverse. I left it in drive and looked under the car and saw the driveshaft not moving, so it was a tranny issue (the pain was real when i saw that). I got towed to a pep boys near where i was (not near my home).

 theyve had it for two days and just called to say the gears were “shot”. He said I could get a rebuilt tranny for 6800$ (Which would be dumb) or a used one for 2800$. Its not worth either so i would like some help on what to do. 

I could go thru the effort and $$$ to get a new transmission (either from pep boys or some other shop if theyre ripping me off), i could scrap it for <700$, or i could try to sell as-is. My brother sold a 99 with a blown engine for 1900$ so I know people are in the market for them.

am i getting ripped off or should i just cut my losses? I really like the truck so i need some objective advice


thanks for the help 🤘

Im getting the car towed to my house and put it on craigslist to see if i get any interest for it

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"The gears are shot"....WTF???

That isn't a diagnosis for a transmission that was working fine and suddenly disengaged.

Get that thing away from the pep boys have have a transmission shop look at it.

You may be able to get it into limp mode if you turn off the overdrive button on the shift lever, but I wouldn't write that transmission off as a total loss until I had some transmission experts with the proper diagnostic equipment take a look at it.

Incidentally, I have a 2001 3.0 V6 Ranger with 187,000 miles on it. That little truck never gives me any trouble and if the transmission died I wouldn't hesitate going to the junkyard and getting a used transmission for it.



I gotta believe you could get a rebuilt transmission installed for a lot less. If the rest of the truck is in good shape, I would keep it. Good trucks are expensive.

I think so too but if scotty taught me anything, it’s dont buy rebuilt transmission! Lol. Too many possibilities that it could be shot as well. If i did get one, i would get a used one with (relatively) low miles put in.


I would try taking it to a shop that isn't a chain shop.


Another idea is you could part it out. You would take all of the good parts off of it and sell them individually. You can make a decent amount of money doing this but it takes work and time. If you don't want to part it out, put it for sale and see what prices you can get. 

I would but i really wouldn’t have the time for that 🙁


If everything else still works why not consider getting one from the junk yard? It's a gamble but if you can do the work you might get a few more years out of it.

That would be good too. I would buy one and have to pay someone to put it in because i dont have the know-how/tools for it

What would be a fair price on automatic transmission from a junkyard truck?

Well here in CA about $120 bucks. Just look around you local J-yards and see but you'll have to ask a shop if they will put it in for you. Some get kinda picky but I've had it done in the past.


A few years ago I would have advised to junk it. But now, with the insane prices of vehicles, I would give serious consideration to repairing. New trucks are outrageously priced and used trucks are a gamble as you don't know what the owner has or has not done, way too many scammers. We own a 2005 4runner with 150K on the clock. If the tranny went, I would without hesitation have a used one or professionally rebuilt one installed and keep her another 5 years. 


You could sell it, for $2,500 you could get another Ranger.  You could also search for a cheaper tranny though.